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Now that Question2Answer 1.6 is out, I want to clean up the list of themes on the add-ons page:


Themes that don't look good when installed with Q2A 1.6 will soon be removed, since they create a bad impression for new users.

So please update your themes for Q2A 1.6. The version history lists all new classes:


You can let me know about your themes in answers to this question.

I was wondering if themes could be selectable by the users rather than Admins.
There is a plugin for that. Just install and your user will be able to change the theme.
May I know which plugin is that?

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GrayCSS3 is the old thing that Q2A was released early (V1.2). Please remove it. Because I'm busy with plugin, I can't spend time for theme for the time being. However, when there is many requests, I consider revenge at 1.6.x / 1.7. My theme was downloaded more than ten thousand times In total. I thank the people who used my theme.
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sure, it's a great idea to clean up theme's directory. I created Support Theme(premium) to test Q2A 1.6 and result was good. I love new features in this version. and except adding "form_hidden_elements" function to forms and changing some CSS codes there is not much to do to make old themes Q2A 1.6 Compatible.

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I have upgreated both Pixel n Grain Light and Dark as well as you can add link fro Snow Extended themes.

Snow Extended: http://store.q2amarket.com/store/products/snow-extended-light-and-dark/

I would request you to please provide some timeline as I am really busy with so many ongoing stuffs for Q2A and others so I can cross check once again everything seems fine and according to the 1.6 standards within deadline.



So here I have cross check and update finally all requred stuffs for Pixel n Grain Light and Dark 1.2 to match Q2A 1.6 theme standards.

Please update Pixel n Grain Themes links as below.

Pixel n Grain Light V1.2

Pixel n Grain Dark V1.2

I will now cross check Snow Extended Light and Dark and later you can add that too.

Thanks a lot