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First, sorry for my bad english.

I want to put qa installations on differents subdomains like: cars.domain.com, pets.domain.com, etc. And I want to share their users. Same user and login for all subdomains.

Now imagine that in 6 months from now there is a new version of QA, the 1.8, and this new version change the estructure of the table qa_users. I decided to update one of my subdomains, cars.domain.com. If the table qa_users is the same for all, and I have to change because update cars.domiain.com, what about the others domains? they still working or I have to update it all at the same time?


Q2A version: 1.6 beta 2

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Good question. As part of the testing for each release of Q2A I verify that you can update a network of sites sharing users one after the other. But I don't check that you can keep running different versions of Q2A for different sites in the network. In most cases it will work, since most changes to tables do not break old versions. But I can't promise. So I would recommend keeping the versions of all the sites in your network the same.
Thanks for your reply!

Ok, what are the advantages of unique login besides that the user don't have to register 2 o 3 times in subdomains?

I'm thinking if this option is really necessary for me and prevent for future problems.
It's relevant if you want to build a community across all the sites. If you share the user database then user profiles, private messages and wall posts are all shared. So users will be able to identify each other across the different sites.
I'll think about it, thanks! And congratulations for your great work.