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How do we change the font-face of the question body and title? I mean, which  CSS file do I change and where?

I use MaxControl Theme.
Q2A version: latest, downloaded today 06-21-13

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I believe you are looking for different font-family.

for question body content fine class body, td, input, textarea on line no#66

In css file lne no #1423 class .qa-q-item-title a

change font-family here you want.

For single question page on line no#615 class .entry-title

If you want to add aditional fonts than you need to add custom fonts using @font-face usually at the top of css file than define your font family and use that when you want.




To change font face in Max Control Theme Do Following

This is good thing about Max Control Theme. You don't have to touch any code to customize most of the things.

Go to Max Control Theme Options

In first section 

Body and Language Options

Change Body Fonts and Content Fonts

see video tutorial http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/2-max-control-body-and-language-options/


For Title and Heading in section below

Link, Heading and other Options

Change Heading Fonts and you done.

See video tutorial http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/3-max-control-link-heading-and-other-options/

Tip: Just in case If you haven't noticed, you can find video tutorial for each section by clicking on video icon at the right side of the section heading see below image



what is the name of that css file? there are so many :)
thanks for the additional tip on server font download!
I see.. I forgot you are using Max Control Theme. So you don't have to touch any code for that.. You can change font from Theme Options. See my edited answer for that