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Today i added the BADGES plugin in my q2a site. I dont like the css / design of the badges. I dont like that yellow, brown color of badges.. How can I add some elegant badges to the site??

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I don't use this plugin but I have tested once and believe there is a text area for CSS where you can modify existing or can wrtie yoru own.

If  you don't want to touch that than you can modify/override in your theme css file directly. If plugin is calling css before theme than your css should work without defining !important otherwise just add !import to overriding rule.
To use image you may use background property and assign each image to the badges.

In this case I would prefer to use another stylesheet or directly into the theme stylesheet.

Bu the way can you post your site url where I can see badges
its RIGHTyaLEFT.com/ask .
Badges page link?