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Hello , 

I had a project in mind to create a website where users can log in and interact , as QA is very easy and served the need for initial purpose,  it has gone very good ,

Now here is the proposal what I want to do , 

1. I want to have a payment system integrated in QA site , so that users can sign up for free but can upgrade to the premium member where they can get extra resources and previlages.

2. some custom plug ins so , we can generate content  in other ways as well, along with question and answer ( you can integrate wordpress if you want to do that ) it would be your choice, 

3. We want to have MCQs test as well on site , so it would need some backend javascripts, 

What is the Offer 

we would be paying 200$ plus 20% in the revenue of site , which we estimate to be 500$ per month for this year and probably more than 1000$ per month in next. 

If you don't want to have a share we would be paying 500$ to you for project , 

We can use freelancer or preferably elance for payment escrow and work, 

Please interested Specialist tell me, 



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