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Just discovered that all my new users are ranked position #443.

Is this the minimal rank?

Q2A version: 1.5.4
What happens if you give one of them bonus points? Maybe 442 is the total number of users with some points.
How many users do you have?
Thanks for your replies... I have about 760 users.

If all users with same points get same rank, then I would have users n° 443 - 760 with same points I guess. Starting score is 10 points, bonus for registration.

Edit: I checked, I have 330 users with score 10 (they have no activity, only registered an account). About 760 - 330 = about 430... mhhh strange, then comes many users with 15 points.

All right, I checked users with 15 points as well, all have the same rank.

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