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This plugin replace specific word of lang system of Q2A at once.
Refer to readme in download-file for description.

The phrase of Q2A are taken out from lang file in following order.

  1. qa-lang/custom/qa-lang-*.php
  2. qa-lang/(language code)/qa-lang-*.php
  3. qa-include/qa-lang-*.php

When changing expression, it is best to correct lang souce file. But this plugin may be useful when changing words and phrases at once easily. In addition, this version changes word simply by str_replace of PHP. if this plugin is helpful also to heavy users of Q2A, It may be better to also add replace function by regular expression(preg_replace), And, Since the dictionary used for conversion is cached on memory, risk of performance worsening is minimum. 

  1. Screen shot 1: admin -> plugins
  2. Screen shot 2: admin -> plugins -> options (default)
  3. Screen shot 3: admin -> plugins -> options (after setting)
  4. Screen shot 4: page view


1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7 (2014/12/19 Updated)


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Q2A version: 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7
Thank you sama55. I was looking for something like this!
Thanks Sebastiano, ilkkanka.
What is the advantage of this over editing the language files?
One example,  variety of words. One of me made Japanese translation file. However, there are few words that I know. When they translate "Vote" into Japanese, various words apply to "投票", "支持" and "賛成", etc in Japanese. Words that translator and user like are different. This problem may be solved by replacing word.

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thx its useful
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Well I have started to use your plugin, but I have notice one problem that if I change a word with another word having first alphabet as upper case then I have to replace the some word with first alphabet as lower case as well. like shown below,

Shouldn't it be like if we change a word then it should be changed all over the website irrespective of upper or lower cases.
It is specification of this plugin. This is because it may become spillover when I add the specific logic for replacing words. When you use this plugin under restrictive condition, you may realize your hope by remodeling plugin.