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I have integrated Q2A with wordpress as you can see it here electroschematics.com/qa/ it is working ok but when I log in using the built in Q2A form it redirects me to the wordpress log in page where I have to re-enter the username and password again. Why is it doing that? I want it to use the login details entered in Q2A form, use them to login using the Wordpress login and then automatically redirects back to Q2A.

I have the same problem, login redirects to Wordpress and then I have to login again.

Is there a fix for this ?

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The errors showing at the top of every page are not at all common. When I did the integration in my site only the error at the bottom was showing, which was already answered in this site. You should address each of one of them and that might just solve the login problem. However, given that your database is new, reinstalling everything might be easier.
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That is because with SSO setup authentication done by WordPress and so Q2A redirect to WordPress login page.
check this as well
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I think you might consider using the following plugin for Wordpress:


And then redirect to the previous page (the page the user comes from before login, hence Q2A), using http referer as a variable in the plugin settings, see: