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Getting users is allways the most important point for any site.

I allready commented about the : Send question or thread to friend function

but of big importance could be as well the invite function. Getting points for that would be obvious, but earning a percentage of points generated by the invited user on the long term, lets say for a year 10 %, would be new and some users would permanently try to activate friends.

The badges !? or similar gratifications alongside with user classes from beginner to expert would make it even more interesting.

Any opinion is welcome.
I agree this is a nessary feature for community growth.  Possible cloudsponge.com integration would be nice.
still no plugin available? maybe some other users are also interested and we could cofinance a plugin-developer?
I am also interested in that plugin

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The first part sounds OK, inviting friends and getting some rep for it, but getting percentage of another user's rep for a year sounds too complex and unnecessary. Gaining the initial rep should be enough motivation for users to invite others.
Ok, its not really necessary, one time points for inviting should be enough.
But the inviting feature and the send discussion to a friend feature is really important i think.

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Also my vote for this function "invite a friend"!

...but I couldn't wait for it - so I tried to implement it myself (due to the good Q2A code it was not that difficult! -- but up to now unfortunately without gaining points for it)

see: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/2228/feature-suggestion-advanced-invite-function

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+1 from me for "Invite to get points" feature !
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Do we have a plugin or function meanwhile ?
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Any delevoper interested in programming such a plugin? I would be interested to finance such a plugin.