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Hi, I want to create custom a page with few questions and answers based on Question Id.
Question ids will be passed as comma separated string. And these ids question, answers and comments should be displayed in a single page..

Any hint will help...

Thank you!
Any one can help me on this? It will be so helpful to me.. :)

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You would need to make your own custom PHP page, modelled on qa-page-question.php. It could retrieve the appropriate information from the database for each question. But the problem is that the theme layer is currently designed only to support one question at a time, so you could also need to make some modifications to that to make it all work together.

So to summarize: a big custom PHP job!
Understood gidgreen.. thanks for your answer.. :)
Let me try.. if i achived, will post here..
If anyone else tried and got way to achive please let us know..