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I'm really stuck with this :(.

I'm trying to load the overview of a single question, much like you would find on the front page of Q2A, but a single question instead of a list, and in a blank page.

So far I have been able to load the single question template when I use the request 'embed' as follows:

function body_content() {



if (!empty($embed)){

$this->template == 'questions';



this->output('Regular body');



However when I call this in to effect with a url such as: http://www.mydomain.com/?qa=1&qa_1=how-to-embed-a-single-question&embed=yes

The singular question template 'q_item_main()' is full of 1s!.

Does anybody know how to pass the correct information for a desired question q_item_main(HERE) ?

Or is there something else I should be doing to load a single question overview ?

Thank you kindly :D

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Changing $this->template won't help at this point, since qa_content has already been created based on the current request.

$this->template == 'questions'; is equivalent to writing either:




depending on the value of $this->template, and is meaningless in terms of the running of the code (removing one = sign would help, but it still won't have an effect on qa_content).

What you need to do, I think, is to access the ^posts database directly, pull up a question, create an array, and pass it to qa_item_main();

Hi Noah

Yes you have summerised the question very well :), but I have no idear how to call the correct things from the database with something like:


Hence the question :(.
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