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Hello all,

Question2Answer community is growing and getting more and more popular. We all should thanks to Gideon. Also after getting popular Q2A Market ( again thanks to Gideon ) we have decided to make a platform for all theme and plugin developer to provide them skill and service to the customers and community and with that motive Q2A Market is going to start "open store" for all developers and designer.

With the open store developers and designer will have own independent store on Q2A Market where they can sell them themes and plugin according to them choice. They will have freedome to design and structue own website within define limits.

System is almost done and now we are testing beta version of store. So start to compress your themes and plugin  and GET READY to start your own store without any cost and use Q2A Market reputation and popularity to sell your product.

Some more services in our list

  • Q2A Market - Videos
  • Q2A Market - Theme and Plugin Building Guide
  • Some more plugins

Why we would do this?

We believe that community grows that means opportunity grows and so after six month of theme and plugin development we are moving one step forward to create great platform for developers and community with motive of learn, share and earn.

Please give your feedback

Almost Done:

Frnz store is almost done now just working on few content stuffs. 


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Nice plan. My works are incomplete things. Therefore, I want donation from person who was able to use correctly. There is good business style of  無人販売所("non person store") in Japan. We believe goodwill of people. And, I also like japanese words of "粋(iki) / 祭(matsuri)". I wish your trial is successful.