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Hi, I want to add a page called CustomPage..

Values should be padded to this page via get method like "?name=Name1".
And value of parameter "name" should be displayed in CustomPage..
using echo $_GET['name'];

How to achieve this, in "beta 1.2" version?

Thank you.. :)
Thx R. I agree very much!!

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I'm afraid this sounds like another job for advanced themes - you can output whatever you want for a custom page by overriding the main() function and checking based on $this->request if it's your special page. If so, do whatever you want in PHP, otherwise call qa_html_theme_base::main() to let Q2A do its usual thing.
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Hi Gidgreen... Perfect..
I used it in my site user profile page to show user's website within site..

Thank you for your hint, it works!
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404 problem with custom page