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from 1 webhosting to another? plz help i've already maked a website and have a lot of questions
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Can I just like, export all Database at once and upload it to the new hosting Mysql?
Wouldn't this work or should I modify something else like the URL on Q2A option's Preferred site URL and that's it?

(Of course FTP as  well the latest version again to the new hosting provider.)

Post here what worked for you please

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Just download a backup of your files if you have changed any and a backup of your database from MySQL and upload them to your new site.
asked Feb 9, 2013 in Q2A Core by anonymous i did this but still
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I'd do the following:

1. make a SQL dump

2. replace all occurences of old domain name in a dump to a new. There must be at least one occurrence of domain name in a ^_options table (site_url field, if I remember correctly)

3. setup new site instance, check DB connection.

4. upload SQL dump to a new DB.


This should work.