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I built a q&a website using question2answer and I have made many customization using plugins and addons and made some css changes to the theme. It looks awesome for me now. But I asked many of my friends to give me honest feedback and some of them appreciated but majority of them given this answer:

Your site is technically good but

It looks like a web1.0 design and we are currently in web 2.0.

I guess, they need Ajaxification, Javascripts and better UI and Usability. Now my mission is to turn it into web 2.0 using some ajax. I am not a coder, but want to learn coding asap. I hope the developers will bring some great themes as well as Ajaxifications like: Live events, Live notifiations, following users, manage notifications, privacy etc etc.

Q2A version: 1.5.4
What is your question though?

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