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I have installed the tag description plugin, through which, I wanted to add some content and info related to particular tags manually. But I can't find any options to edit the tag description. And, when I try to hold a mouse over the tag for tooltip, It shows like this (image below):

Whats the problem with this? Is this plugin no longer works?

Installed plugins are:

Q2A version: 1.5.4

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You need to add it as a widget via the 'Layout' section of the admin panel.

As for the bug you're seeing, perhaps it is a conflict with another plugin layer?
Ohkay, now tried the Plugin again and Now I added the widget via layout section and added few info in 2-3 tags. It will get saved there in tag pages but the Tooltip shows the same error.
I guess some plugins related to Tags are conflicting.
I added installed plugins screenshot in the question
You'll have to try finding the conflict yourself, I'm afraid!
I have same problem. i have no extra plugins install. just default q2a. i think its bug in q2a script.
Working here on vanilla Q2A 1.5.4 so don't know why you're seeing something different. Maybe check you server's error_log?
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It's fixed, you can use new update of tag description with Icon images and html support: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/24331/new-features-in-tag-descriptions-plugin

or use original "tag description" plugin: Tag Descriptions Plugin