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I've just actived Facebook login, created the app on the Facebook page and configured everything as appropiate within the 'Plugins' section of the Q2A admin panel... the Facebook login button is now present on the site, and will prompt you to login to Facebook when clicked, but once you've logged in it doesn't actually do anything, ie you're still logged out - http://myweek.co.uk/

Also, on the Facebook app page itself, it says I have 2 registered users, so it must be right at the very end of the process that it's failing.

Any suggestions would be fantastic, thanks
Q2A version: 1.5.4

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hi it is working for me WHAT DID you do? i have the exact same problem on my site http://www.howpedia.de


i just needed to press F5 (refresh) to update my state and i was logged in ...