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Hello guys,


i have a real problem. I have a freshly installed Q&A site http://www.howpedia.de and the facebook login is not working.


I have created a facebook app, set up id and secret key and ON THE DEMO system http://demo.question2answer.org/ it is working. I can login aand get a account with my facebook login.


But as soon as i try to use it on my site (exact same app, Q&A version, configuration) it is not working.


ofcourse i changed the facebook app login url from http://demo.question2answer.org to http://www.howpedia.de but thats it ... working on the one system and not on the other ... any idea? could it be some server configuration outside from Q&A? i am using standard strato webhosting ...
Q2A version: 1.5.4

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