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/admin/stats shows me that my database is 118.1 MB big, and I have 2,454 questions at the moment.

q2a-site: www.gute-mathe-fragen.de/

My site loads in about 1 sec. Google Analytics shows me a page speed of about 2 sec. Not bad!


Question out of interest: What is your size, how many questions, and what about your performance?

Q2A version: 1.5.3
their "Vorkonfiguration 2" plans has a good price for that hardware. I wonder why you don't start q&a sites for other subjects too.
I have no idea which q&a sites / topics...
...do not exist already.

Mathematics is my subject so I focus on that to make the forum one of the greatest in German speaking countries ;)
Kai, is it a shared host or a virtual private server ?
Currently a shared hosting, however, it is one of the high end packages. I am sharing one server with 1 other user.

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I have one site with 300 MB and 575.000 (prefilled) posts, it is as fast as Yours.

The q2a performance is exceptional as long as one does not use pictures. Even if one downsizes the pictures through Your plugin or my extra code, it remains kind of slow.

A real big problem is the wysiwig editor, pages which do load the editor need too long to load, at least on 1und1.de shared hosting. On medialayer.com shared hosting even the wysiwig editor loads fast as light.
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There are 42.436 questions in my site and database usage is 860.7 MB. The performance is quite well. Till now I did not encounter any problem.
Do your users upload images to their posts too?
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My hosting provider blocks the site because I exceed the limit of 25 MB. But I only have about 100 questions. Who knows what the problem is? I have another site on its 600 articles and the entire base weighs only 13 mb.

images inside questions and answers are stored in DB.
Assalam Alaykum! What can I do to pictures are not saved in the database? Thanks!!!
actually nothing. it bothers me too and I suggested an option in next version to choose between file system and DB for saving files, but it will need some time to make changes in q2a. so I don't think that we will see it soon.
now you can use a upload script in a directory or subdomain and ask users to use it to send their files.
Towhid, but I have a text message and take up much space. Some text is not formatted. I am writing in Cyrillic Russian.
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Total 7 GB appx.. my qa_categories is 2.2 GB (2.5 million categories) and qa_posts is 4.1GB(* million questions) . Rest of the tables are in MB or KBs only; so won't add much.


I have made some changes using layers and widgets etc. to change the category pages to

1. load faster, 2. use full text search, 3. use caching.


In process of figuring out how to change the question page to give better performance. This page seems to have large joins.
I guess you have the biggest of all q2a sites. 7 GB of data, that is awesome!

Or are there a lot of blobs? Do your users upload many images?

PS: Would be nice to see your site to measure loading speed.

PPS: How are 2.5 million categories possible? I mean, there are not so many words in each of our language :)
No blobs yet. Mainly it is the categories and questions.

I have "products" as categories. I am supporting the product related questions through Q2A. And we have many different products/models you can buy in the real world. The plan is to add many more categories (may be 10 million), after few months.

As you said, the speed is the real concern. I am trying to speed up the answer page now. I will send you the link through PM may be.

Thanks for your comments.
can you please send me your link i want to see your website.  i want to develop a Q&A for computer technology i am little bit confuse q2a will support or not millions of questions and answer
qandas.com. I worked for this company and site till Dec 2013. But I see that site is not much changed.

It seems like Q2A out-of-the-box will support large quantity if you do not have many categories. Caching will help too. I had 8 million questions.

I had many categories (2.5 million), so I had to change the code. Code is well documented and easy to understand though.

reiterating my scenario showing 8 million questions.
Total 7 GB appx.. my qa_categories is 2.2 GB (2.5 million categories) and qa_posts is 4.1GB(8 million questions) . Rest of the tables are in MB or KBs only; so won't add much.