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You could modify the width, padding or margin of the tite through css.

But why do You need that break ?
So we have a really long question which has like a multiple part options in it. I dont particularly like the question as a title and then the more information field because these are math questions. So I would like to show the multiple choice text also in the title because it appears in the default page as well.
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Ahh I understand, but do not know how to avoid that tags are stripped. The only idea I would have is to modify through advanced theme the
 function title() or function q_item_title($q_item)
and there replace &lt;br/&gt; (which is still in surce code) back to <br/>
It is nt elegant, but I think one can get that working at least.

On the other hand, I remember that there was a maximum characters set through database for the title. So there always would be a limit.

May be another approach could be to modify the template a bit like the mouseover plugin it does, and show the question content in listst as well.
Tried replacing to <br/>. It just shows as is but no newline.
When using this function in your advanced theme the title on THE SINGLE QUESTION page will be in two lines. Something similar should work I think.

function title()
            if (isset($this->content['title'])){
                echo str_replace("&lt;br/&gt;","<br/>",$this->content['title']);
                //$this->output('<h1>first line<br/>second line</h1>');
It works. I had made a mistake of typing &lt;br/&gt; in the question input itself. I just used <br/> now but use str_replace as u mentioned and it works. THANKS.