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I am thinking would it be possible to have a few different type of questions like for example, useResponse ?

This would mean that questions could be : Bug report, Idea, General question?

If you have seen useResponse you know what i mean, i love q2a but also need a solution for tracking questions/bugs/etc on a specific project.

Any ideas or help welcome :)
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Do you mean on this site only (Question2Answer Q&A), or on your own site? On your own site you can set up categories and so forth.

I think you are talking about Bug Reporting. Is it?
Yes, i did think about the category way of doing things, ( And yes i did mean on my own site )

I am looking to use this for , bug reporting, general questions, idea submissions and so forth.

This software seems to have the majority of what i need, however i want to make it as foolproof as possible.

Would there be any way to change the category drop down to select boxes instead, that could be color coded as to the type of question it is?

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