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How to prevent specific fraud by anonymous = registered user?

I know that sounds a bit complicated, so I give you an example:

1. User asks anonymously.

2. Same user logs in afterwards, and answers the question of his own.

3. User logs out and clicks (in role of anonymous again) on best-answer for himself to receive best-answer-points.

Yes, something like this happens if you award users monthly regarding their points :)


Note: I disabled the option that users can answer their own questions! This was necessary to prevent abuse of the point system in the first place.

So any idea how to prevent this little fraud (by IP)?

Q2A version: 1.5.3
same problem, have you got the solution for this?

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Use evercookies. A secret cookie that will tell whether the questtion asker is also the answere.

I don't know how possible it is but what about cookie that passes when a question is answered ( when the ask form is submitted) that will not let the user to vote.
That is possible, easy to do. I have mentioned evercookies because they spread to the other browser so that changing browsers won't help him to vote his question (when you use evercookies).
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I think it can be solved by allowing only registered users to ask questions. So yours users can view questions without signing in but to ask questions they must sign in.