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I would like to know how hard it is to modify the style in Q2A. I am sure I can figure it out but it would be much easier if there was information some where like, "to change the back ground go to this folder and change this file" I see there is a answer here: http://www.question2answer.org/advanced.php#theme-advanced but it does not seem very easy.

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you can modify qa-theme\Default\qa-styles.css file to change background color, font etc.
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You only need advanced themes if you want to change the HTML code. If you just want to change colors, backgrounds, etc..., all this can be done via CSS only, so you can use a basic theme, which is much simpler: http://www.question2answer.org/advanced.php#theme
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The other answers are right, you just edit the "qa-styles.css" file for whichever theme you are using.

However it sounds like your question is more about finding which styles to change. This can be difficult because Q2A has hundreds of classes for all the different elements, although most of them are named sensibly.

I highly recommend the Firefox extension, Firebug, from the Firefox add-on site or http://getfirebug.com .

You can simply right-click on the element you wish to change style of, click "Inspect Element". Then Firebug will show you the HTML for that part and you can see the classes applied.
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All the answers are right, but I want to point out that You should use an advanced team.

It "seems" to be difficult, but it is not.

Once You changed some colors You will want to change the order of some elements, add details or extra features and so on. For many things You find instructions on the matching questions here.

The functions in the qa-theme.php are a little bit doucmented and mostly easy to understand, the css file has the most logic structure I have seen so far.

I recommend that You start with an advanced theme where You include all the functions, see instructions on the advanced theme section. So You can play around without thinking which functions You need to include.

And yes, on the first view one thinks ohh, this is complicated. But it is pure php, no smarty, no template files, nothing extra. You as well could describe it as "elegant"(if this is the matching phrase in english.)

And whenever You need help on a special issue, the community here is excellent as well.

I was looking a long time for a good q&a solution, here it is, really, I dont see any other script with so many advantages.

And, as mentioned by DisgruntledGoat, firebug is a must for any developer, makes developing 75% faster.