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I am in the middle of developing WordPress Snow theme pack which can be used with Snow theme to give one website felling rather than two different script. Please let me knwo what function you would like to see in the theme. I am not sure but will try to add feature as much possible

For Example:

  • Display recent question on WordPress home page.
  • Display user points on the topbar same as Snow theme


Q2A version: 1.5.3

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User Articles

Users with enough reputation are granted the right to write articles about whatever they want and have them voted by his peers. Votes here are calculated separetely than in the qa website but the reputation to vote the articles are the same as required in the qa website.

That is cool idea. I will try to add this feature. Keep adding feature you would like to see. I am not promising but will try to add.
I couldn't think of anything else worth mentioning. I guess I'll have to wait to see it done to add more ideas.
I am working as I get time so may be will take couple of weeks to finish it. If you have any more idea just post it so I can consider it.
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Here some update for wordpress theme. Make sure first viersion I am making basic theme and few combine function for Q&A and Wordpress. But of course time by time as I will get time will add some more feature.

Q2A Market - Wordpress and Q&A Interrogation with SIngle Sign on


I am now working on sidear section and than will finish up everything. Forget the page title I need to fix that. Once done wil create testing site so we all can test it before release.

Also if anyone want to look my latest project for Wordpress and Q&A integreation check www.askmauritius.com

Looking good!
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First I want to say sorry to everyone who is waiting for this but really getting so busy. But eventually spend some time to make it happen. I have also created plugin where there is no need any development to use theme or displaying some of Q2A content on WordPress site just drag and drop widget, shortcode and functions and now it is almost done and will be available for testing on live server soon.

What features will be included:

WordPress Snow Theme

The theme is based on Q2A Snow theme and look 99% same as Q2A Snow theme
WordPress Question2Answer Plugin Pack
To make it easy to use I have developed plugin so any non programmer also can use. Also WP theme developer or programmer can use functions and class as per them need. However currently my goal is not to make full fledged system but to allow to display some of Q2A updates on WP site easily. May be future version will try to add more features and flexibility for developers
Wordpress Question2Answer Plugin Pack Features
WP Snow Theme
Plugin Included
User Widget
-Set Order ( ASC, DESC, RAND())
-Number of Question
-Register Detail
Questions Widget
-Set Order ( ASC, DESC, RAND())
-Number of Question
-Who Asked
-Total Answer Count
-Post Date
Shortcode Included
Same as Widgets
Available Functions (still working on this part)
This will allow do display number of questions with your define limit and order (same as widget)
This will allow to display number of users with your define limit and order (same as widget)
Available Class
Currently the systme have only two class
1. q2am_connect
includes required methods to get q2a db prefix etc.
2. q2am_get_data
includes methods for retrieving data from wp_ and qa_ database. e.g. loop of questions, loop or users
Currently sysmte is very basic. But time by time will try to improve. I will post another answer or create new Question once it will available for demo/testing.

Screenshot of WordPress Sidebar Widget