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In the early stages if Q2A i recall you talking about releasing a public road map of all the projects in development, do you still plan to do this?

(directed at gidgreen, as i don't think anybody else would be able to answer it)

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After the final version of 1.2 is released, I don't yet have a fixed roadmap. I'll simply choose what to add based on what provides the most value to the most people, relative to the amount of work it involves.

Here are some of the things being considered: avatars, rich text editing, multimedia support, badges, built-in WordPress single sign-on, sorting options, Twitter integration, Facebook connect, improved search, better sidebar control.
do you planed to add Title slug (URL fragment)? like Wordpress or how can I make for title slug (URL fragment).
Thank in Advance...
I'm afraid I don't understand this question, since question pages already have automatically generated slugs. Category pages and custom pages in version 1.2 have user-definable slugs, via the Admin interface.
Yes, you did  automatically generated slugs but i asked about manual slugs like Category pages and custom pages. it is my question and sorry for my english.
I liked the features you are considering for next release. any plan for sitemap?

Instead of badges you can think of considering custom user titles which can be defined by admin(like junior member, senior member, etc). these ranks can be derived from user point. something similar to vBulletin forum user titles.

@minnkyaw - I understand your question now, but am not planning to add manual slugs, since I think this is too complex an option to offer to *users* on a community Q&A site. There will perhaps be more options for how question slugs are generated, by the system itself.

@ProThoughts - Sitemap has been added to the list of candidate features, and I like your idea about user-defined levels (like current Expert, Editor, etc...), which can either be set by the admin or calculated from user points.
user titles features will make Q2A different from other QA solutions.

will you consider this feature...

"Thanks you feature"
if some one answers question then person who asks question can just click on thanks button... another way of saying thanks.
how many thanks user has received can be shown his profile page.

also if someone likes answer, he also should be able to say thanks to answerer.

thanks button or link can be next to user link on answer.

similar to voting button.
Can you please think of integration (single sign in) with Drupal (arguably the best CMS)?
If I would have to choose one of all I would say FBconnect with avatar import. (There is a WP module called fb Autoconnect, very well.)

The next would be the User-Level idea suggested by prothoughts and the badges. Just to make it more interesting for the people.
How about image badges based on user level points which users can share on facebook and forums? Will it be complex to develop one? Admin can change the background image(layout) of the badge for branding it for their own site. I think it would be cool, will get a lot of attention.
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any updates on the roadmap? ;)
i think it would be nice to put up a vote with possible new features for Q2A to let the community vote, which feature should be added next :)
I think this is a essential point! Would be great