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1. Login at super-admin.
2. Click anonymus-user-name of anonymus-post  at qustion-List.
3. Block IP at block-page. >> Show Unblock-page.

Super-admin can't unblock IP next time.
When super-admin want to unblock IP, delete from IP-list of admin-page. There isn't large problem, but if possible, I want to unblock same block-operation from question-list.

And, when I reload page right after block it, "is not authority" error message is displayed in even as super-admin. Will this be the movement that gidgreen expect?

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If I understand correctly, I think this happened because you blocked the same IP address as you were using to access the site as the Super Administrator. In this case, the block applies to you as the Super Administrator too, so you no longer have permission to unblock IP addresses!

Of course this makes a dangerous problem, where an Administrator can lock themselves out and then not be able to access the site at all. That is why I still allow Administrators to modify the list of blocked IP addresses via the 'Admin' panel, even if they're blocked from doing so via the IP pages.
Thanks gidgreen. It is surely same IP. But, because we do not block SuperAdmin, should treat SuperAdmin exceptionally? Normal-Admin is ........... ???

This is related below 2nd comment of 1st-answer.