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Any sign of a plugin that lets you wrap all emails in custom html templates? 

I'm looking to do something similar to what twitter has for it's notifications.

Or if not, how could I go about doing this with an advanced theme? (i am not a developer, not sure how to create my own plugins.. yet!)


Q2A version: 1.5
It would be nice to see this plugin. Starting plugin development is not that easy. I started two months ago, see code with comments at: https://github.com/echteinfachtv This could give you a basic start. However, overrides of functions is not implemented.
have you found any solution on that @MarkP
Unfortunately no.
I'll probably do what I did with phpbb, change the PHP code that generates the email header "Content-Type" to send text/html and change the qa-lang-email file to a String containing the wrapped HTML

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You can write a plugin which overrides the function qa_send_email(...) from qa-app-emails.php.