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i want to only show vote counts in question list, i want to disable up and down vote buttons in question list .

And In Single Question show both vote counts and  vote buttons.

Because of this when show vote buttons in question list user gives vote them without read thems and this is not good to show vote buttons in questions list.

i use css to hide vote buttons(up and down) but it also hide in single question

.qa-vote-buttons qa-vote-buttons-net {display:none;}

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If you can administer your site, there is a preference option for this.

Under the Admin tab, select Viewing and then look for the option titled "Allow voting on question page only".

By enabling that option, the voting buttons will be visible but disabled on the Question List pages but on the Question page itself, the buttons will be enabled.

If you want to hide the buttons altogether on the Question List page, you'll need to either modify the CSS file for your site manually (I would suggest copying the theme you are currently using and modifying your copy, after making it a new theme) or you can create a custom plugin to override the view entirely.

the first option, usign the built-in preferences option is simple and easy to implement - I think that will work fine for you.
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You can chosen one in two solutions below:

1. Go to admin, click viewing tab, setting it: > Best chosen

2. Use template css:

.qa-template-activity .qa-vote-buttons,

.qa-template-questions .qa-vote-buttons,

.qa-template-qa .qa-vote-buttons,

.qa-template-hot .qa-vote-buttons,

.qa-template-unanswered .qa-vote-buttons,

.qa-template-tag .qa-vote-buttons,

.qa-template-user-activity .qa-vote-buttons,

.qa-template-user-questions .qa-vote-buttons,

.qa-template-user-answers .qa-vote-buttons{display:none;}

thanks @theman for answer i already found the solution
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I prefer to use $this->template rather than css hook. that is more efficient and full proof in case css fails to load or something goest to client side than still this will works.