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First of all, I apologize if the question is repetitive -- I spent a while looking through existing topics but could not find a suitable answer to my question.

I'm creating an internal web collaboration space for our school's chemistry community. There need to be a chemical structure drawing (created by the users via a custom drawing tool) associated with each question and answer.

I managed to write a plugin layer that inserts the drawing tool (written in JavaScript) above the WYSIWYG editor. However, now I'm stuck when trying to save the drawing into the database. The output format is simply a text file, but I need to make sure each file is correctly associated with its corresponding question.

What would be the easiest to not only store these drawings on the server (I presume I have to use AJAX to call a PHP script from the JavaScript), but also ensure the drawing can be displayed correctly on each question page (ie. the association is not broken)?

Thank you in advance!
Q2A version: 1.5.2

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