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I am continuing the development of the new tagbox plugin.

For the implementation I stumbled over the problem that the event handlers are hardcoded in q2a v1.6.3:

<input name="tags" id="tags" autocomplete="off" onkeyup="qa_tag_hints();" onmouseup="qa_tag_hints();" type="text" value="" class="qa-form-tall-text">
<input name="title" id="title" autocomplete="off" onkeyup="qa_title_change(this.value);" type="text" value="" class="qa-form-tall-text">

And I needed to turn them off.

I tried jquery's unbind and off methods but they did not work - because the on... are hardcoded!

Finally I could remove them by using the attr-method:


Hope that helps.


@Scott: Please try to transfer the entire javascript code to Jquery methods. It will make development much easier for upcoming plugins.



Q2A version: 1.6.3

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