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Just to let you know if you run into the same problem: Using an advanced theme you normally get the page (i.e. the q2a-URL: yourq2asite.org/ask ) by:

if($this->template=='ask') { ... }

If you have a plugin or a custom page, however, you will not get the page (URL) if you use "$this->template", instead you have to use:

if($this->request=='bestusers') { ... }

Here, "bestusers" is from the plugin best-users-per-month which creates the page: yourq2asite.org/bestusers

hope that helps! :)

This method works well to hide the menu and sidebar when using the custom homepage with the theme. good point out.
you also can use qa_request() and check the requested url. This is good especially for custom pages..

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