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While asking a question I would like to make the tags compulsary. Now in my webpage all the user can ask question without tags.

Can anyone guide to block asking question without tags.
Q2A version: 1.5.2

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Go to Admin > Posting and set the option "Minimum number of question tags" to 1 or higher.

thanks sir its working. Is there any way to create a tags manually without posting the question. so that my user can select that tags.
Do you know how many tags you want to create?
yes, I have currently started by question2answer and for the time being I don't want to allow my user to create tags. So I have to create some common tags which my user can use while posting the questions.
I'm not sure if this will work, but try asking a question with those tags then hiding it. It may still suggest the tags when you ask a question.

You can also try my Tagging Tools plugin if you want to stop users adding new tags: https://github.com/svivian/q2a-tagging-tools
thanks @DisgruntleGoat its working with hiding question.