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Hi Gidgreen,
Any plan to add markdown editor in future release?
I saw one editor http://wmd-editor.com. Looks easy to add. But not sure, is it advisable to add, will it create any issue in db side?
If i start using that, then i cant remove that, i think, as database stored already markdown content.

Could you please advice me, if time permists?(as you may be busy in upcoming jun end release)
I want WMD, too. WMD license is MIT. Operation is tender, and it is good not to need HTML. Even StackOverflow is adopted, and there are the results, too.

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Thank you for your answer Gidgreen!

Wmd-editor is not creating HTML content, but markdown content. So adding this editor will not create any html tags. Is it good to adding?
Honestly I've no idea, but you can try it!