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I want to have single database Q2A site on many sub-domains of a single domain i.e

domain is xyz.com and it has sub-domains as  a.xyz.com, b.xyz.com , c.xyz.com, d.xyz.com

I wish to install Q2A on each sub-domain but want single signon for all q2A sites and also want to get all questions in these sub-domain to be shown on a meta site

so we have





all the above q2a sites shall have common users database and is it possible to show all questions at

Q2A version: 1.5
anybody willing to answer that ?

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The first part is quite easy using the shared users table (1.4 onwards). Set up the first site as normal. Then on the second site, before installation set a different table prefix in config, and set the option QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX to point to your users table on the first installation. Then run the installation. Repeat for the other two sites.

For the latter part, I'm not sure what the best method would be. The easiest would be a custom PHP script that does a regular SQL query and selects questions from all the databases.

If you want the same Q&A layout then maybe you could set it up as a normal Q2A site, block all question asking on that site, but write a plugin that grabs questions from all databases and links them to the subdomains.


P.S. it's funny how you managed to misspell "subdomain" 5 times with completely different misspellings every time ;)
:) fast typing on mac key board is tough .. so spelling is right in mind but not in output.. thanks for pointing out
Do I need to set up multiple databases or just one database can be used for all multiple domains