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good mornig,

i'm doing a big work on a Q&A db that has more of 6000 questions but without category and with only free tags that often mean the same thing but with differents words and also with errors on digiting them.

So i need to categoriza all..

Actually i must open EVERY question edit it and save it..

Is possible that there is not a way to categorize a block of questions ?

I am not able to find a way or a plug in..

If someone know please help me and save me from a lot of nights and time with this work.


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For tags you can try my tagging tools plugin here - https://github.com/svivian/q2a-tagging-tools

You can add synonyms so you can convert "question" to "questions" and so on.

Ok thank you but in this way i can adjust only the tags or there is the possibility to use the same way to add also the category to all questions that i must manage?
Thank you for suggest
No, it is tags only sorry. How exactly would you recategorise a block of questions? Do you mean by just ticking a list of questions, or based on what tags the question currently has?
sigh sigh
i can create differents query and may be that i must categorize alls some tags in a category ( for example if i have a tag X i create the category X and i mark all the questions with this category )
Or can be that i need to categorize all questione that has on the object a word etc etc
I modified Disgruntledgoat's plugin a bit and was able to get it to move all of the questions tagged with a particular tag to a category.  I did it by using the category numbers in the database. So in the admin form you could use "tag,category#" and it added or moved all questions with that particular tag to that category.  I didn't release it publicly but I did use it myself and it worked well so it is possible.
thanks mishelton for great news.
do you think that is possible to see your plug in or you want it only for you? :(
if it do that you say i think that it can be very usefull for other users!
I am not entirely confident that it will work correctly for everyone. I hesitate to have others use it and have it cause problems for them.  Just thought I could help by giving a start as to how something could be developed.