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Another plugin, but also a question, whether this might be something useful in the core?  The existing "missing" categorizing function is not so helpful, since it only allows setting all uncategorized posts to one category.  This plugin allows for individually recategorizing each uncategorized post, and submitting a set number at a time (default 20), then showing the next set number of posts to categorize until all are recategorized.  It replaces the link at admin/categories.

It's here anyway:



this is the link that is already there, but with a new href:

this is what you get when you click the link:

Q2A version: 1.5
How does it work? Do you tick a bunch of questions to categorise them, or categorise based on a tag or search filter (e.g. categorise every question containing "q2a")?
It just gives you the first 20 posts without categories and you choose a new category for each of them, then hit the save button; it sets their categories, recalculates the indexes, then gives you the next 20.  I'll post some screenshots.

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