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Good morning i'm new and i like very this site.

I'm searching to use it how alternative to a classical forum that for me is old!

But i really need to have the possibility to create some categories that only some users can see and can use!

I search to explain better :

for example i've a question about a normal user that categorize it with a tag ( not obligatory ) and a categorie OBLIGATORY.

This question need an asnwer that frequently is the same for example can be that administrator1 or 2 or 3 etc has taken tha question in charge and he will answer or solve the problem.

So i need that the admin when take the question editing the post he can put the categorie TAKEN IN CHARGE so that all the admins can see how many work they ahve to do and also the users can know that admin are working on thei question.

I need that can be used only from admins to do not have the possiblity that some "strange" users enjoy to create quetion singnig yet TAKEN when is not true and so this will create confusion on team that must work on all the questions!

I hope to be esplained better and i'm sorry for my english


Bye at alls and thanck for q&a


p.s. is possible to know what is the configuration of Q&A that you have used to have this great result? i've installed it and i do not see the same page on editing question for example or also the dinamics tag categories

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There is someone that has an idea about it?

Excuse me if i the upping is not ok !

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Someone has an idea to solve this?

Please :-(