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I feel its good idea to have official twitter account for Q2A, it will be helpful for any new updates and promoting Q2A.

also it is easy for sending personal messages. what do you think?
Newbee here. Can you share how do you make all the questions posted in your q2a site (http://answers.prothoughts.com) are sent to a twitter account as a new status including the URL to the question page?
I use twitterfeed.com to push questions to Twitter. There are many other similar services available.

sign up for twitterfeed and give url of your rss

like http://answers.prothoughts.com/feed/questions.rss

and configure twitterfeed as per your needs, thats all! :-)

feel free to write me if you need any help.

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I've reserved a twitter account (unfortunately not question2answer, which was taken!) and might well start using it in future. It depends on how large the user base grows...
Great! hope to see you on twitter soon.
It is good judgment.