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I'm thinking that Q2A would be perfect for a quiz or test site. Just one thing is needed for this to work. The person submitting the question would be able to specify the correct answer as they are posting the question (in the "correct answer" field). Only the correct answer that matches will be accepted. If a wrong answer is provided, a customizeable message says to the effect, "Sorry, that is incorrect. Please try again.". The first person to provide the correct answer is the winner of that particular question and would receive points. And the question would be automatically closed after correct answer is given, but people might still be able to comment on the winning answer. Obviously, this add-on is for types of questions that require short objective answers, like "What is the capital of Norway?" or "How many inches are there in a mile?". This would be a great way to give users incentive to participate. Any question that has a "one correct answer only" could have a special icon next to it in the title to indicate it's a quiz question. What do you guys think? It seems like a relatively simple plugin for an experienced coder to do. There is a plugin for Wordpress (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/quiz/) that allows poster to create custom answers for captchas on any given post. It's workable, but not ideal, and a round about way of only accepting correct answers. Seems like a quiz-option functionality would open up Q2A to a whole new market (teachers, education, etc). Anyone have ideas or interest in a quiz mod/add-on for Q2A? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Q2A version: 1.5

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I would love to join that site but it is written in French.
fragesport.de is in German ;)
oh sorry... how can I read it in English?