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I have seen Quizx plugin is there but have not seen any demo site using it , any link given there for example is all dead links. I want question n answer to be same as it is, i have article blog plugin installed too , now i want extra link which says like "Quiz" and if user click on it they can see quiz home page, is there any quiz plugin seperate with core site, so user can switch between Q&A, Blog, Quizz in same site.

Quizx talks about transforming existing site to quiz, i don't want to distrub existing site but want extra link which opens "Quiz" kind of questions with multiple choice answers

Any body can help please?
Which theme is better then? In my last question regarding database, is my assumption correct?
Do u mind sharing ur website url?
Yes. The same database info with your main site. In fact, I just copied.

For themes, it's really time-consuming. I'm using Mayro theme, but I have to fix and customize a lot. It's a mashup of 60% Mayro theme, 5% Muffin, and the rest is mine.
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Thanks a lot
How is this site stay in same view but url changes when each questions are clicked, can we achieve this for QA website?
Click on each questions and you see url is change but view is same with that question expanded with answer:

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