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Categories are lost in ask form.I research solve for this problem.But i can't find any help.Users can't ask.I tried to install last release of q2a but my problem is unsolved still.Please help me.My website is waiting in maintenance.

Q2A version: 1.5 last release
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So how did you solve it?

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Perhaps you need to activate categories on the 'General' section of the Admin panel.

Perhaps you have some plug-in installed which is changing the page output.

Perhaps you don't have any categories defined in the 'Categories' section of the 'Admin' panel.

If you post a link, it might be helpful.
I've  installed smilies,share and antibot plugins before this problem.But I don't know which one changing the page output.At the same time I've remove and re-install q2a 1.5 last release but problem still continues.I think  I can fix it in phpmyadmin but how?
fn: I don't install plugins again! There aren't plugins directory.