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i want to change the name of page as shown here and i also want to delete some pages.


I want to delete the pages in wiki plugin such as the page like, the pages shown here like edit this page, frontpage. etc




there are many pages here. I want to delete some of the pages. How do i do that?


and i want to hide this info that comes along with everypage

like the page info.

also I would like to change he name of frontpage to a name of my choice. How do i do that?



I want to use this wiki plugin to create a dictioanry for my q2a website.



Q2A version: q2a 1.5
the pageinfo reveals the ip adrress and I really want to do away with page info link, or hide the ip
how to go about it.
Is there a way to hide pageinfo at least?
it reveals the ip adress
any pointers on this one??

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