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Please, please, extend the database column for the login username.
Now it is 20 chars, which is far to few. Maybe give 50 or 100 for a db column?

The column is qa_users > varchar(50) handle (for existing Q2A instances).

But you only need to change onle line of code in the file
qa-include/qa-db-maxima.php > line 37:
@define('QA_DB_MAX_HANDLE_LENGTH', 50);

Thank you in andvance.

If that is all it takes then you can override this yourself in your config file. I think 20 is a good number personally.
So at least maybe it would be useful to make it 30 or 50 ?
Sometimes nicknames are longer when they contain e.g. name and surname.
(Changing it is not a slightest problem for me - but I think about our Q2A society).
Yes, 30 wouldn't be too bad. I think any longer than that would start to screw with displaying names around the site.

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As DisgruntledGoat said, these constants can be overidden in the qa-config.php file, so there's not really a reason to change them in the core.