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I seted up my page and registered a facebook app, but haw the same problem as you have in your page http://www.question2answer.org 
Why my and yours page canot extract inforamtion from facebook like email and username ? 

As you can see now I'm loged in from facebook my user name is Registered user 9 , my email is not shown in My Acount. 

How do I solwe that problem ?

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I was working on this script today. I found same problem and i did some editing and at last it can be solved by a single line editing
Line no: 69, File: qa-facebook-login.php
Replace with

I am using this at http://staffnote.com/speak/

i love you man ! thanks i is working
one more qestion is that updates a existing users , I't seams like it dosent for me!?
New user working like a charm!
It doesn't update existing members, i have same issue. If you have few facebook members then you can edit individual member name using profile token which is saved in users table.
Thanks a lot for finding the solution. I guess Facebook changed something in their API because those other fields used to be retrieved by default. I'll be sure to fix this in 1.3.2.
yes API must be the problem , or you dident use the API right first time and somehow it was gap from facebook to work like that for a while. But problem is solved thats what maters. Thanks again "Registered user 10"
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I think this is probably to do with your Facebook privacy settings, in which you don't allow external applications to request your name or email address. Can you check if that is the underlying problem?

[edit: this is wrong - correct solution has been found here]

Hy, On my page www.tkopitaneskita.com I had 6 users with facebook registration and all of them had to set their profile username and email manualy, not all users did see that and I had to explain them I haw problems with that so they haw to manualy change their profile. Facebook should be simple way to login not the complicated like this.
I looked for that option in face but I onley find "Control what information is available to apps and websites when your friends use them."
If frend aplication can se my username why my aplication can't see that , Ithink thats not the problem
mabey something has changed in the facebook API so q2a plug in canot extract username and email?
I tried sevral Q2A pages and they haw the same result when I'm loging in.
If the Aplication sipley ask you to allow the username and email and obout I think problem canot be in users facebook privacy settings .
and plees look ath this for your aplication and others using Q2A thers no "Last data access:" but as you can see example for te messenger ther is data access