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In the new version of Q2A there is a Custom field for extra information on ask form. Is it possible to have more than one of these custom fields added for extra information on the ask form? Or is it possible to include a field on the ask form that will at least correspond to some user fields, so that we can capture some user information when they ask a question? If this is not possible, can the registration form be customized so we can get a user's location and/or name when they register? Right now, when someone registers it asks for the username, email, and password. Can we also ask for the name and location? How would we do this?
I was wondering the same thing, I couldn't see any method to add multiple fields.
Would love to have.

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This isn't currently possible in the Q2A core, but could certainly be implemented via a plugin.
Having an extra field for the Ask Form is an incredible feature. But, it would be killer if you can add more than on field for the Ask Form from the admin. Should be allowed to add as many fields as you want and choose whether to display them or not. Just like you do for the user fields.

Can you possibly provide some guidance on how one might go about adding additional fields for the Ask Question, aside from just one that comes with the Core Version?

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I'm not sure if that's what you looking for, but you can add extra fields on the registration form.

GO: Admin >> Users 

At the bottom there is way to add extra fiels. Here is an example of the field I ask:


Yes, but adding extra fields for the user, does not add them to the registration form. It just shows up on their profile page. I think a good feature would be to choose which of these extra fields can also show up on the registration form. Also, you may want some of these fields to be hidden from users and just available to admins.