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Extra fields on user pages or registration form in multiple and multilingual Q2A sites

The fact is that these fields are the same for all related multiple sites Q2A, with the same  users.
I add a field on one site, it is added to others. But in the same language, how do I change the language on all sites?

1. I use mysql table '`qa_userfields`' set 'content'=NULL for standart fields

Развернутое отображение данных fieldid title content position flags permit
Изменить 1 name NULL 1 0 150
Изменить 2 location NULL 3 0 120
Изменить 3 website NULL 4 2 150
Изменить 4 about NULL 5 1 120
Изменить 6 custom-field My Custom field 2 4 120
Изменить 7 new-field NULL 6 0 120

 translite 'qa-lang-users.php' standart fields is work

If I add additional fields it doesn't work.

How can I change the standard names in English (website-> My website) and add additional ones with translation to another site

Q2A version: 1.8.5

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