Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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Its just gidgreen for right now, but I've been fiddling with the script for a while. If you need any help, I could probably help you.

And gidgreen, if you ever need some people for your staff I would be happy to help. I'm fairly adept with php and mysql, and have already made nice progress on a multiuser version of this script (i.e. hosted Q2A)

I'm planning on doing something with this script like I did here: http://forum.cyclonehost.info/
Thanks for your replay.
Right now I think the platfor leak lot of things, and need to get much more ideas from otherones.
Right now I am still testing the script. As soon as i get any point I will post it.
Also I think it should getout of the Beta testing as soon as possible with the most features and privilgies that keeps it going forward.
Its still a beta, you can see what he has added to it already however. Even the comments are new lol.
Yes. I like the comment idea.. so beneficial. And it reminds me of the wordpress flexibility so you can extend your flags without fear.
And I hope your last idea will work with you as the forum.
Thank you! The forum script took me about three days, give or take. I hope to be done with the Q2A edition in less than that.