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I bought CDN service.
How can I use it on my site?

Is there a plugin for this like Wordpress or code? 

Q2A version: 1.7.4
Which CDN are you using?
I am using CDN77.com service.

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currently there is no q2a plugin for CDN support.
How can I optimize with CDN?
which CDN you purchased?

You can try cloudflare.com, they automatically cache your static files and serve from their CDN server. You dont need to do anything for this, just point your DNS to their server.
I am using CDN77.com services.
@businesscata, try CDN config as suggested by Scott.

btw, CDN is free in cloudflare plan.

when you select CDN service make sure they do have local server from where you are getting traffic.
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Depending on exactly what type of CDN you are using, you may not need to do anything.

If you're using it for "storage" - in other words, you upload files to the CDN rather than your website - it will be difficult to handle with Q2A. You'll have to take all the static files in various places (the qa-content/ folder and your theme folder), put them on the CDN, then modify your theme code to link to those files instead.

If you're using a "proxy" type CDN - where your domain points to the CDN and the CDN calls through to your website - then Q2A will work fine. You don't need to do anything, the CDN will pick up which files are static and serve those from its cache.

I looked at the cdn77 site and they appear to do both so I don't know which you will be using, but it looks most likely to be the proxy type.