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I want to add title for categories list on sidebar, not the <li>All categories</li>

something like this:

<DIV CLASS="my-cat-header">My cat header</DIV>

<UL CLASS="qa-nav-cat-list qa-nav-cat-list-1">

  <LI CLASS="qa-nav-cat-item qa-nav-cat-plugins"><A HREF="./plugins" CLASS="qa-nav-cat-link">Plugins</A></LI>

  <LI CLASS="qa-nav-cat-item qa-nav-cat-all">
  <A HREF="./" CLASS="qa-nav-cat-link qa-nav-cat-selected">All categories</A>


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Just go to .../qa-include/qa-lang-main.php and change in line 49 the term:

'all_categories' => 'All categories',


'all_categories' => 'Your desired title',

Thats it.

To change the titles design You can refer in the css file to:

.qa-nav-cat-all {}