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Is there any Plugin for this, or should i code it by myself?
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I don't think there's one yet, but there's been discussions about it here:

and here:

I think what needs to be done at this time is more of a consensual/agreement of terms of use plugin. Explaining how user accounts can be deleted by Admins if requested (unless you'll code a way for users to be able to delete their own accounts, and replace their leftover username with "Anonymous" for example), Consent for extra cookies your site may use, such as tracking, using Google Analytics, etc..

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Best practice is to not set tracking cookies in the first place.

Keep in mind that the GDPR not only requires getting user consent if you want to set cookies that impact the users' privacy, but also requires you to provide them with an equally easy to use option to refuse their consent. And you cannot require users to accept cookies for using your service, unless you require registration and make accepting cookies part of your ToS.